I seek patience as I urge you to see the world in my perspective.

As I take you through the chambers of my mind already polluted by the putrid smell emanating from an environment on overdrive.

I seek not pity for I have that in abundance, but I seek understanding for a convoluted mind supposedly wired to four billion cells, all firing at counter directions.

If I take you through an unfamiliar route, just remember this appeal and also that I have lived through that route a life time.

I seek not validation, as I find vent to my inner turmoil. Neither do I ask that you do not judge me, for that will define our interface in the coming days.

I ask that you tarry a while, hate if you like but just think for a while about I and my world.

A world of broken promises.

A world of broken bones.

A world of bruised ego.

A world where I have learnt that a still bird makes for an easier target.

Welcome to this channel.


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The opinions the youths have as they observe the nation. The active #Watch of the nation as we go for the #NewNigeria.

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