Silent cross fire.

The conspiracy theorists are back to the streets. This time I joined them.
#1. Presidential media chat: GMB is not convinced on the merits of devaluing the Naira.
#2. Few days after the president of IMF Christine Largade develops the intention to visit Nigeria.
#3. Few hours after #2 #2016BudgetOfYs is withdrawn from NASS.
#4. Christine Largade arrives the next day.
I wish I can connect those lines with certainty just like the revered conspiracy theorists. But my crystal ball isn’t as sure as theirs. Ezemuo happens to still be on holidays.
Incidentally, this is the 3rd time the head of IMF is visiting Nigeria. Two of them to see the same man Mohammadu Buhari (GCON, AGDD). In 1983 and 2016.

  1. What is in it for us? GMB is on record to have dismissed the idea of devaluation. Will Largade still push for it? 

This is like standing between the ISIL and BH. If we devalue, we pay dearly for it as we are mainly an import nation and if we refuse, Largade goes back to tighten some conditions- borrowing terms etc.

We can’t have examples of China etc who devalued because those are mainly export nations. Devaluation will sink us. Simplicitas.
2. Will we survive this onslaught and the down turn of international economy? 
Yes! We can! We can if this Govt will start thinking and stop playing to the gallery.

a). Half to two third of the 923,768 square kilometers of our land mass are waste lands lying fallow. A good 10 year document on Agriculture policy will convert that amount of land to a haven of agricultural activities in a year. 

A policy document encouraging enterpreneurs to access soft loans with minimal conditions. Funds that can be accessed by signatures of traditional rulers and local Govt chairmen as guarantors.
A little tinkering with the land use law of OBJ may also be necessary.
Agric extension workers in the ministries and ADB field officers can serve as M & E (monitoring and evaluation) facilitators (let them earn their keep for once).
A little technology can go into the non arable lands- like extended irrigation formulae, fertilizers, mechanized machine renting. Those heavy loaders wasting away in some local Govts.
Orchards will spring up all over the land and Dangote and his likes won’t have any excuse not to have Juice production plants (and employment) in this land. That’s a route to increasing our export and forex.
b). All the Govt buildings and public buildings like the Aso villa, all state Govt houses, all ministries, all commissions, consulate offices. banks, Schools, hospitals can be mandated to use SOLAR PANELS for their roofings and the energy keyed into the national grid.
The empty sahel forests in the middle belts and the north can house a lot of wind mills. And the floors of this wind mill zones can also accommodate solar panels.
The sun shines for about 299 days of the 365 days of a year for at least 18 hours in Nigeria. How can all, that energy go wasting? If their is anything that needs to be subsidized in Nigeria it should be solar panels for individual homes and not PMS.
This requires an energy policy document made into law.
c). If those gas flaring can be harnessed we will supply the whole Africa domestic and industrial gas for years.

If we stop sponsoring citizens for pilgrimages we can use that fund to archive this.
d). If we revive Ajokuta Steels, we will take over the steel market in the whole Africa and beyond. Plus the foundry industry that will spring up taking further care of our unemployment deficit while earning forex for us.
e). If we tame our incessant urge to junket and dive into medical tourism, we can build 10 lanes trunk A roads in a grid form all over the country, turn the riverine Niger Delta into a Spain of some sort.
All these will need the Govt to think before actualizing them. That’s why I keep saying that fighting corruption alone is not what governance is all about. Recouping monies lost in corrupt practices will expose us to more corruption. And finally we won’t even know what it was used for. For ages now we have been recovering the Abacha loot. What can we say we have done with it? Thats not to say I am against fighting corruption. But if it takes all our time, it is detrimental to our health as a nation by virtue of its diversion value.
Again, when I say we need an economic policy or a ‘thrust document’, you will see why after reading through this.
Christine Largade has said that we do not need to borrow to shore up our budget deficit. What did she see that the Presidency have not seen? What did she see that we have been wailing about since and no one pays attention.
She still wants to talk with our budget gurus. To teach them or to mandate them? I will hate the later. Even though those who tinkered up this #2016Budget needs some smack in the head.
Alhaji Shehu Garba has said that some items and amounts in the budget are strange to GMB. What does that even mean?

Is he saying the NASS padded the budget further after GMB presented it to them? In which case SARAKI has some questions to answer and this had better not be swept under any carpet, rug or plastic.
Or is he saying Baba GMB (AGDD, GCON) did not completely read the budget he presented or did not completely comprehend what he read or amnesia has set in on our president’s mind that he forgets what he has read and presented to the NASS?
Whichever the case, the presidency owes the nation further clarification on this withdrawal of the budget if the garb of ‘born again Democrat’ is to be sustained.
There! I have spoken! Let no one accuse me of not supporting this Govt. I have given this proposal free of charge to GMB, APC and for the love of #myCountry.
Anybody interested in a full document espousing the ideas above in details can approach me inbox.
#EgberiFaaa o


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