MAKING COMMON SENSE: the Ben Bruce way 1.e

So once upon a recent time, a senator of the Federal Republic representing Bayelsa East, Ben Bruce was ‘making common sense’.

But he has stopped. There is only two things i know that will motivate a man to that path: (a) true conviction and (b) playing to the gallery.

I am yet to decipher which is the case here. But he has stopped.

There is also two things i know that can make a man stop in his track when he is on an illuminious path: (a) he was playing to the gallery and (b) he got reached.

I am yet to decipher which is the case here too.

Ben Bruce eis a poster boy. Some would view him as a typical Ajebutter. Son of a UAC Boss. He went through all the elite pre-college schools and went to the USA for his first degree.

His greatest marks are hosting beauty pageants and franchising them. A lot of rumours followed this venture. Well of course it is expected. After all, we are talking about beauties here, some of them naive and desperate for trophies, money and fame. Like they say in our political parlance, they are all allegations. None was proved in a court.

He went on to establish three radio stations. One in Abuja, others in Lagos and PH. Great radio stations. He also have malls that roles as both entertainment centers and business malls called Silver bird centers- cinemas, radio, game centers and shops. Great business man i must say.

On this note of his mark in the entertainment industry he was made the DG NTA.

This is where the ‘nigerian factor’ strolled in. He left NTA like he met it if not worse. An agency reputed to have the largest reach in Africa. An already stablished platform. He couldnt bring his entrepreneurial sagacity to bear on the said agency. He also stopped here. He did.

On a nice day, his stint at NTA would be speaking against him when he started ‘making common sense’ but i am also aware that we are a people with a severe form of CLASS SOCIAL AMNESIA. So i was one of the first to get carried away. But he stopped.

Oh! …and he is 59 years just in the event that you are wondering.

Ben has contested for governorship and is now a senator. My guess is that he will still go for that governorship. But that is not even my business.

My business is that he suddenly stopped ‘making common sense’ and it is this same reason that i have elected to help him complete the journey. He truly have roused a lot of ‘common sense’ in the youths. 

So if you know him, tell him we have carried on his project. That he can now rest and enjoy the hallowed red chambers and all that will acrue. Tell him we knew. Tell him we are not disappointed. That we have seen his likes numerous times to be disappointed or not to recognize the game.

Remind him that i said he is a #FlashInaPanBoomboclaaat.

this is the background to the series. We will subsequently go into ‘making common sense’ properly



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