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#OnceUponATime. ….

There were two neighbors living near each other but separated by large streams, lakes, mountains and forests. They never knew of each other’s existence.

But one of them, Anyaukwu was very adventurous. He was what you may refer to as a vagabond. While the other, Ihemere was a quiet, contented and traditional man. He hunts around his house, makes a few kills, goes for fruits and vegetables and calls it a day.

So on this day, while roaming in his usual abandoned adventure, Anyaukwu spotted Ihemere’s vast and cultivated land mass. Saw his cash crops all full of fruits and the animals grazing. It was a beautiful sight. He never knew he could make his own land this beautiful or it escaped him. May be due to his adventurous nature.

He at first invaded Ihemere in commando style. Ihemere resisted for a long while but Anyaukwu kept at it for weeks, and Ihemere being a peaceful person decided to reach out and dialogue. So Anyaukwu became a friend. He brings shiny stones and pebbles he scavenges from the shores of the steams and give Ihemere in exchange for fruits and games. Ihemere never saw anything wrong in the lopsided transactions. He can’t eat it all, he thought.

After several months, Anyaukwu came with a snare he designed and tricked Ihemere into trying it out. And so Ihemere became his prisoner for a long time. He was feeding him from the offerings of his land. Using him for anything he thinks up- farming, sex etc.

But Ihemere got his freedom with his persuasive skills. And Anyaukwu agreed to go back to his land. They still exchanged visits and transactions but the lopsidedness was retained somehow by Anyaukwu. At first Ihemere didn’t mind but when he did mind, Anyaukwu enforced it and he gave up.

Junky  years later they got married and had descendants. Each told his descendants their version of their history and left instructions on how to keep their relationship going. Anyaukwu ensured his own descendants were always on top of any game involving both parties while Ihemere the conformist and peacemaker ensured his descendants maintained peace at all times.


(…a break in time and history. The happenings of this time was neither documented nor recalled by anybody living or dead).


At the point it dawned on the descendants of Ihemere that they were somewhat living a slave life, it was a bit late. Anyaukwu ‘ s kingdom had gone far in terms of military, economy, religion, education etc.

And somehow they are aware that the bedrock of the progress of Anyaukwu’s kingdom streamed from their land and sweat. They made that kingdom somehow and they are being told otherwise. So an undercurrent continued to brew.

These days Anyaukwu’s descendants would encourage Ihemere’s offsprings to steal from their lands and to hide the proceeds in their kingdom. Mostly they retain those proceeds, deny the existence of most or conveniently commandeer them when the stealing Ihemere dies.

What’s worse? They even go to the extent of coming to the Ihemere kingdom to arrest those they call “thieves” who steal from the Ihemeres, take them back home, prosecute them in their own courts and jail them, without mentioning those of them that aided the so called ‘thieves’ or those of them that helped the thief hide the proceeds in their kingdom. And as true sons of their fathers, who hacken to the words of their fathers, the Ihemeres join in the celebration of the prosecution of these brothers and sisters called ‘thieves’ by the Anyaukwus.

The events of the Anyaukwus and the Ihemeres are still developing.

Keep a date with this intended series.

PS: does this story look anything like your relationship with your colonial masters? lip sealed



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