Ive been meaning to trace this curve. 

Let me say upfront that even me do not have an idea what i am about to write or where it will lead me to. But i do wish to trace this curve and see where it would lead to.
i have noticed that every Govt we’ve had since independence has fought corruption. May be minus the Tafawa Balewa regime. Even the first coupe accused them of corruption and mentioned their intention to fight this menace.

So if we have fought corruption for 55 years expending energy and funds why are we still fighting it? This fight must be an epic battle and this menace a strong, unrelenting one.
I have also been made to understand that we have barely three legal tools to fight this menace : the penal code (?1952! I understand we inherited this one from the colonial masters and it has never been reviewed); the ICPC act of ?2000 and the EFCC act of ?2004. There must be some other less active laws in our books but i will leave that to legal minds. 

As my mind tells me, we cant make any meaningful head way fighting this corruption on the orders of men without good, active and may be punitive laws. So this is where we miss it from point go.
#CurveTracing: i will highlight the significant activities that signifies how much we have put into this battle (I will welcome corrections from history students). 
GMB tried to crate Umaru Dikko in ’84, good intentions but breaking all available human rights records of that time in the process. It ended with nought as its result.
A relative quiet until the 2nd coming of OBJ.

Both ICPC and EFCC became available. Some argued on the duplicity of both agencies. It turned out that they were right. As EFCC became the loved boy, got more funding and got to the intended people. 

It was like a shared duty. The ICPC went for the nondramatic streams while the EFFC went for the dramatic. Cecilia Ibru, Akingbola, Ibori were all hounded. It followed a pattern. Those who could see saw the pattern. A recipe for failure you might agree.

And failure it finally was. No convinctions. No definitive end to cases. ‘Plea bargain’ got introduced into our legal parlance. And the story still goes on.
Then voom! The UK Govt swoons in like an Eagle. Alams got arrested, he disguised, came back, got pardoned. Ibori got arrested. He is still in jail.
Another relative quiet.
Then GMB’s 2nd coming. Every nerve got charged. Let us get them all. I joined too. Every canine bayed their fangs. The smell of blood is the adrenaline. You cant miss it. Our expectations. He is just the man for this kind of job. Well…one will have to agree here while noting that we need other things happening too at the same time.
Then another voom! The UK Govt again. Deziani is the prey right now. She will go to court i assume. I cant predict what the outcome will be. The most is a conviction like that of Ibori. Great! Whoever has toyed with the future of my kids should go down for it.
The curve tracing ends.
I just discovered a pattern. We have not been able to convict anybody that matters, the real thieves, on charges of corruption since 55 years of our fighting corruption. Somehow, the real deal convictions has been by the UK Govt.
What does that say of us? Na so we go dey dey? Those people in whose galleries we play to will notice this pattern too i am sure. So what gives people?
Are we going to be sincere for once? Are we going to amend our laws and make new ones on this corruption thingie? Who will make them laws? The legislooters? Hehehehehe.

Who will interpret the laws when they are made? The same court that found Ibori not guilty? Who will prosecute? The same EFCC who will ignore their own act which is more strigent and arraign people via the penal code (which is like a slap on the hand)?

Who will execute the interpretations? The same executive who cant hide the fact of their practicing witch hunting from regime to regime?
You see? The curve is traced. Now, i am more confused than when I started but if it makes any sense to you, my job would have been done.

PS: admittedly GMB won’t be here forever. So who will continue the fight? Another period of relative quiet or he will fight it to finish this time?

PSS: As at the time of writing, i didn’t know that one of the persons mentioned here, DSP Alamiesiegha’s desth will be announced today. May he find rest.


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