This was what it was all about.

This was what the hullaballoo was about. This picture and this scenario.
Don’t be surprised if it all ends here.
But again, don’t be surprised if he loses the seat. It’s all a plan, a chess game. He should have known better.
Well…he fought his Dad to a stand still. Let’s see how much fight he has in him. 
As much as I see this as a disgrace, a denigration of that same seat. Just like I was crying about flinging mud towards the POFRON’s seat and how it won’t augur well with us. Now we battle with aggrieved peeps flinging mud towards same seat now occupied by a ‘much loved’ GMB and his supporters are asking for respect. #EquityIsAnArse and #JusticeIsBlind. It’s not about the person but the office.

If your mother goes to the market without her panties, you don’t go lifting her skirt for all to see just because you are angry. #LessonsLearnt I hope.
Now to the apparent implosion of APC. There is CAUSE and EFFECTS. Remember Newton’s 3rd law that I’ve always talked about? 
There must be consequences of this action. Call it ripple effects. The disgruntled, the annoyed, those who feel not carried along.
The drama is to get real as from tomorrow, but don’t shed any tears for Saraki. He doesn’t deserve it.



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