#RandomMusing. #ReverseSearchlight

.The inevitability of that dual happenstance of chaos and order.
Still searching for that unlikely order that is to be found in chaos and how it is to be harnessed.
This is to become necessary when those extant factors fail to suppress chaos. And order is nowhere to be found. And there is a consensus that life is to move on. And move on it must. And it is supposed to move on on a template of order.
The disruption of creation. The disruption of nature’s rhythm. The backlash of a subtly angered nature. Those rays we don’t see. Those we ascribe to unseen and unfelt creatures or forces. Those creatures we sometimes create. And make out malevolent. The villains of our imaginations. Those that are sure beams of projections of our fears and imaginations. Not knowing all along their sources.
The reining in of thoughts. Putting a hard finger on our bounding pulse. Willing stableness on it. All along missing the point of it all. Brings up the necessity of order in the end. Oh humans! Always ignorant. Blissfully ignorant. Celebrating this virtue still.
The middle path becomes the easiest. Always. Always that of least resistance. Mostly not from an active choice. Just like water finding its level. We live. Not out of active essence but of passive followership and subsistence. We the gullible. We just go on and live. Finding some pleasures and treasuresac thrown along the path for us. Like love. Prosperity. Power. Fame.

And make the recurrent mistake of assuming we found those out of our efforts. We the ignorant? No oooooo! Definitely not. Not for the ignorant like us. The outcome of a flip of the coin?
In the end, let’s find that gem. The root. That source. Let’s separate the layers when we do find it. Let’s stay humble too. Lest we give ourselves the undeserved glory. We are just humans. Mortals and ignorant. Temporary and ephemeral. We know nothing even as we go on and rationalize. Even as we go on the journey of self definition, self discovery. 
The pains and gains. It’s tough and rough from the outside of a kernel to the fruity nut. It is a deliberate engineering design.
I wish you guidance!!!
Dr. O. K. SAND (1115 AD)


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