They say the buck stops at the President’s table. Meaning he is the last man and when all fails, he is to bear the burden of blames.
This I am reluctant to accept as the truth, especially considering the structure and manifestations of power in our Government organogram. 
This is also to be viewed with a certain hue. It also tend to absolve some other government officials of complicity in there pure negligence of duty. But we always say “He is the C-in-C, he should take charge”.
Well…forgive my usual digression. Today is not about whose table the buck stops at. Today is about how Jonathan kidnapped the Chibok girls.
It’s a year plus now since the drama of the kidnap. An internationalized drama. No emphasis needed in situating this drama squarely in the center of Jonathan’s election loss. So he is guilty as charged!! JONATHAN KIDNAPPED THE CHIBOK GIRLS. What an ignominious thing to do. Such heartlessness!

But now that we have hung the peg of blame on Jonathan, may I ask, is it okay just because we found whom to blame?
Is it now tranquility in our minds now that he has been found guilty in our courts and he has lost the elections?
Does his losing the election make the kidnap ok?
I ask these with all sense of responsibility knowing the emotional raw nerves this particular topic is capable of fraying. I’m not doing this for that purpose. This is not to open up closed wounds. (But why should the wound be closed in the first place?). I apologize in advance to those who will see this piece in a wrong lascence from the intended purpose.
I remember Gov Shettima, Senator Ali Ndume, The BBOG crew led by Oby Ezekwesili and one Aisha (hope I got her name right. She has been ‘settled’ with a commissioner post somewhere up north). I remember the social media warriors. I remember the parents of the said girls. I remember some selected Chibok indegines. I remember principal Asebe and her usually unseen and unheard of Vice. I remember some of my friends. I remember Obama and his wife. I remember Amanpour and Puff Daddy. I remember Malala. But most of all I remember me.
What went wrong? Why are we all so settled and quiet now? Have the girls been found? I didn’t get such memo.

Has it stopped being a crime against humanity and womanhood? Why are we all so laid back now?
What happened to our placards? Why is Obama and Mitchell all of a sudden too busy for our dear CHIBOK GIRLS?
I do remember GMB throwing one of his soon-to-be-denied promises their way too. Have we found other things to occupy our daily routine? Other things much worthy of our time?
Have the over 300 girls ceased to be humans, peoples’ children, teenagers, mothers of tomorrow? Has it stopped being painful that we’ve not seen them for a year?
Why did our priority change so quickly with the tune and season of the elections and politics?
Why did we make it look obvious we were in this for benefits? Why couldn’t we sustain the milk of ‘humanity’ we were all displaying to the international gallery?
At this point may I refer you to my first (and may be second) paragraph. The buck, as we have agreed, stops at the president’s table. And guess what? There is a new Sheriff in town ala Femi Adesina. Whose table are we sending this buck to now?
I weep silently for most of you. You are probably the ones Jesus was talking about when he said “…forgive them for they KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO…”
If you we’re not just a number in the crowd, it would have been elating.
#IWatchTheNation. #EgberiFaaa o!


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