…and so I’m back to tell you your uncomfortable TRUTH as usual. You’ll never get around to liking my person. I know. I’m actually flattered by that knowledge.

As much as I hate what is happening in South Africa and have spoken my piece on that issue,and have as much as I can, related it to happenings in our own country, may I quickly point out why this boycott is just SILLY.

DSTV: They’ve been on their exploitation spree for over a decade now. Why did you suddenly feel like boycotting them? (By the way, this isn’t the 1st time south Africans have been killing Nigerians. it has a long history. it happens on the daily, only that it has been the police doing the killings). So this “killings’ is not even a regular excuse.
And what alternative have your Govt and businessmen provided in replacement to DSTV? Remember HITV? Ask yourselves what happened to it? There is one other Satellite TV station (indigenous) that is even older than DSTV (can’t remember the name now- something like ABC or so). what enabling environment have we given to indigenous SAT TVs, Terrestrial media stations?  We and our kids have suckled to the luring ‘Breasts’ of DSTV like Samson on Delilah’s for ages now. Do you think this will work? Patriotism???? We sure have a way of showing it.

SHOPRITE?? This one will have an alternative sef. But where are our ‘kingsways’ etc? How did we get to depend on these establishments only to hold them at ransome when their citizens misbehave?

Are these cooperations in any way sponsoring or encouraging the killings? These are owned by simple entrepreneurs. And don’t even delude yourselves that Nigerians don’t own big establishments in south Africa (go and ask Igbenedion and Ibori).

Now who do these cooperation employ here in Nigeria? South Africans? Hmmmm…no oooooo!
You guys should just say no to this band wagonism that leads us to these regular ‘one chance’ buses we seem to have taken a liking to.
Imagine the dominoe effect of picketing these establishment on the hunger in the land. A hunger that is already wearing skirt and blouse. Una wan make e wear wrapper now abi?

MTN: Una just dey wake? Even if you don’t use MTN, you just heard of how they’ve exploited us? And by the way, who amongst you will pay the amount your Govt insisted on their paying for licence, run a permanent Generator on all masts, pay all your citizens good salaries and not recoup? And NCC? Ain’t they created for a reason? what form of regulation have they done since creation? Why don’t you even start with NCC? That way you’ll target all the telecom companies and do this fight once and for all. No need itemizing the form of exploitation here. I agree. They exploit us, but this is the best way to tackle it? To send a message to the south African Govt? Pheeew!!! What a way to go about diplomatic bargaining!!!

THE BRAIN!!! It was given for a reason. The south Africans are currently not using theirs. Let’s not join their bus. We are better!!!!

Una weldone o!!! Modern day voltrons!!!

rushes back into the shrine


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