…and so it is now common knowledge that GEJ has congratulated GMB as the winner of this elections, even as Jega is still counting votes.

For the 1st time I have supported a presidential candidate. Not a party. I’m yet to get around to believing in the political parties and their internal politics.
I supported GEJ with eyes wide open, believing in his nature, personality and his achievements. I believed in the direction he was taking this country. I had a few issues with him (public knowledge) but I had faith in him by the end of the day. I still do. I will always do.
And now he added to that by what is reported that he did this evening by calling GMB.

He once said that he will be remembered as the best president- that will have to wait for time to prove him right or wrong. He also once said his ambition isn’t worth the life of a nigerian- I believed him. He has shown it. He also said he will be heading to Otuoke if he loses- he has kept his promise.

And I look around and see no close examples. And so my respect for him heightens.

This elections was relatively free and fair. No one is in doubt who made that happen. Govs lost elections as incumbents- someone made sure that could happen. That was another promise kept.

In the last days of the campaign, the opposition unwittingly started to come to terms with a few things he has done.
My prayer is that this is kept on in the CHANGE plan they have.

I have received calls, SMSs etc and I see just one thing. Passion! Passion for this country. I am in awe of what we have achieved in this elections. The citizen sensitization and awareness is way out of this world. We engaged the polity from every side. We held everybody accountable. In the end Nigeria won!!!

Jega and GEJ did it for me!!!! These men stand tall above all of us. All of them have issues though, but they have done it.

GMB, I have always said I respected his sense of tenacity and persistence. Some lesson the nation may have to learn from him. Congratulations are in order here.

He sure has his job cut out for him and he has said he is aware of the enormity of the work. He also made a few other promises, promises I am going to dust up and hold high on to his face for the next for yrs- that’s so he won’t forget or get distracted. We need those promises kept for the good of us all.

As for APC, I still don’t trust you guys! But I can’t do anything about it. You convinced the nation. You just don’t disappoint them or you’ll have me and a whole lot of others like me to contend with.

On this page, we’ve conducted ourselves in the most civil manner. Every other beef are perceived ones and thus you ain’t seeing an apology here.

The health of #MyCountry remains primary in everything I do. I am her #AngryLover like that. And so we keep our eyes on her and her health. Every passion dripped on this page is for her. Every insult I bear on this page is for her.

Not to forget those who call themselves ‘on the other side’ who came around to engage me on here. You guys are truly champions of #MyCountry for stopping by and for trying to make me see your point in all the civil manners you could muster.

Now to those ‘family’ who respectfully avoided this page all the while , just because they call themselves “on the other side”, it is time to come home. Accept my congratulations and do come home now. Lol.

And now to those who perceived wharreva they perceived on this page, without me making it obvious and without asking, guess what? The feeling is mutual!!!

May 29th marks the end of the honey moon and the euphoria. We roll up sleeves as from then and get to work with the new president and the new ruling party, supporting them like they will never imagine but at the same time asking them questions and holding them accountable.

And I think they need that wholesome support. Wholesome and from all of our hearts-for the good of the country.


#Egberifaaa o!

#Sonimifaa o!






P.S: in the coming days, there will be a serial on a post mortem on this elections. Scrutiny, mistakes pointed out,  way forward. The kind that regulars here will  need to toss around with the aim of coming up with something like a blueprint for the next elections. #WeWon #MyCountryWon


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