THE ISSUES WITH PVCs-rumours inclusive.

It was decided a long time ago ( 4 years) that PVCs will be used for this election. Funds were released for its production and distribution.
How come the production came this late? How has the distribution gone?
A lot still in dumps at INEC offices across the nation.

What was the legal means of distribution agreed upon? Was this followed? Rumours and evidences of distributions in religious houses, private homes and beer palours abound.

How many were produced and how many as at today have been collected? Were we supposed to allow those who have not collected be disenfranchised?
Most people don’t know where to collect theirs, whose job is it to make this information available and widely spread?

Over 9 million southerners who registered in their places of abode in the North have ‘migrated’ to the south. And they can’t vote therefrom. Was this envisaged? If not, why? What evidence to the contrary did we have that made us ignore the probability of this grand ‘migration’?
If it was envisaged, what was done to ensure they can vote from wherever they are?

Are these PVCs clone proof? If not, why? Why waste all the money, attention and emotions of the state for something you know will be cloned? If they are clone proof, what made them clone proof and why haven’t we been told about it?

Under aged voters have been reported, pictured to have ownership of said PVCs. Whose job is it to dispel these stories as rumours and why hasn’t it been done? What modalities was put in place to circumvent this happening?

Why should people undergo untold hardships to collect PVCs in order to perform their civic duties? Civic duties are almost always voluntary, so states do their best to clear cog wheels out of the way for citizens to fulfill this duties, why are the issues surrounding PVCs and voting appear to be man made and deliberate?

Other issues that may fall under ‘logistics’ and ‘miscellaneous’ are urgently in need of addressing. Staff training, coordination of observers, security for equipments, documents and staff are all prime for addressing and I don’t think those take any less of important space than the PVCs and they are also yet to be addressed.

When we go into this election in March without addressing these issues, we will all meet at the other side of our ‘argument parks’ and court houses, for an obvious self inflicted injury.

As usual, at this point I’m looking for whose door steps to dump the blames for the above observations.

Aha! I found INEC’s doors wide open for all these.

Has JEGA discharged his duties equitably this time? Was Jega and INEC ready for the election on 14th?

Jega has been known to be wonderful in this job. We were all witnesses to this in 2011. What happened this time? What were his challenges? If he had some, why has he been silent about them?



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