“The son that was not present at his father’s burial exhumes his corpse from the feet”. So goes a popular Igbo saying.

The fish does not discuss water until it is out of water. Your freedom means nothing to you until you are jailed.
Those who talk of war have usually not experienced it. Ask around. It’s no wonder no ex-General has been involved in this show of shame involving the trade and


threats of war (that is if we are to ignore the “monkeys and Baboon” outburst).

The Amygdala is the part of the brain in charge of our emotional thinking. And it usually hijacks the cognitive thinking portion of our brain when we get emotional. It follows that when we think emotionally instead of rationally, it is our Amygdala at work not our cerebrum, especially when we are attempting to interpret threats or perceived threats. And more often than not, the victim hardly differentiates which part of his brain is at work. Even when it is pointed out, he goes on a defensive mode.

This hurriedly points to the fact that those who are involved in this trade of violence and its threats, are only stunted at their emotional age and has refused to grow up into the cognitive age, which births the rational man.

The conclave of the opposition and their supporters happen to fall into this bracket. The emotional rationalization inherent in all the arguments I have so far seen can only be understood on this premise.

  1. Violence: Real time and social media. This now has an endemic status in Nigeria. We are not allowed to have a different opinion or else you face the music of violence. Cyber warfare on authentic social media accounts, multiple software voting on online polls platforms. Hurtlings of all invectives known to man is the knew black now.
    The average southerner who registered and collected his PVC has been cowed by threats of violence to relocate during the elections thereby being disenfranchised in his so called ‘one Nigeria’. Party cars are being burnt on the daily. Isn’t this a systematic rigging?

why will violence remain a recurrent decimal in our politics if we are confident of the candidate we sell? Why do we insist on cowing the other side if our candidate is the darling of the masses as we are meant to believe?

  1. GMB has failed to provide the minimum requirement for the job he seeks. Took us through all the rigors and national shame yet failed to produce any evidence of him being an owner to a basic school certificate. And we are told to go to court.

well, I’ve said it is pointless to go to court because the rigmarole only pointed to one thing and one thing only- the unavailability of the said certificate.

  1. He has recently shied away from a debate that would have offered him the opportunity to discuss his manifesto, lay to rest most issues his supporters claim are figments of our imaginations. A live session where every debater will be asked the same question. How can anybody perceive that it will be manipulated? Thankfully better judgement has prevailed and we now have a Channels TV organized debate coming up. This I look forward to. It will help understand both men.

And I suppose I can still be convinced to vote Buhari. But I have listened and I can’t find his message. May be I listen wrong. In which case the messenger needs to speak louder or change the message.

To be an opposition party is not child’s play. Go ask our revered Chief Awolowo. It comes with intellectual astuteness, well contrived, well outlined people oriented plans. It not a match in rhetorics.

The undoing of APC this season is their ignorance of the fact of the dynamism of voters’ behavioural change. Ignore it all you want but the Nigerian electorate has come of age and are wiser. Their decisions are theirs now. They stick to it no matter what you feel and no matter the stomach infrastructure. Ask them in Ekiti.

We’ve finally gone beyond rhetorics and this should be a lesson to those going to present themselves in 2019. We need your certificates for one thing and we need you to tell us in clear terms what you represent. We also would want to know your friends and your sponsors. Birds of different plumages hardly conglomerate.

Nigerians have decided to stick with the Transformation they can see. Check back in 4 years and we may have changed our minds, but for now GEJ stays for consolidation. And I won’t say “go and die” like some other people I know. I’ll say stick around and see how much you were almost played.
This nation belongs to all of us (as we have all agreed long time ago) and I know deep down we all love her and have good intentions for her, we only see the route of achieving this through different lenses.

#EgberiFa o!



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