I’ve been meaning to avoid making a post out of this picture. I have. God knows I tried. But every minute that passes since I saw this picture and have not commented on it has been like hell to me.

This picture of a monkey dressed in PDP clothe was said to have been on display at an APC rally in Benin city.
This was displayed on national and Continental TV. The brains behind this and hence the rally, obviously didn’t see this as distasteful.

There have been  lots of distasteful stuffs going on in this run up to Feb elections but this one sticks out like a sour thumb. It does so because the brains behind it suddenly forgot that the statement of “monkeys and Baboons” still subsists and the credit still goes to their presidential candidate. It doesn’t get more insensitive than this.

If this becomes the “issue based campaign” then wake me up when it’s over.
It sure will be wise for all of us to realise that the ethnic and religious undercurrents we stir up today would out last all of us and pitch its tent with our offsprings, just like the one we are all dealing with now were seeds not sown by any of us.

Focus on the job, go ahead and win if you’ve got what it takes to convince Nigerians. If you can convince us all that Tinubu,Amechi,Rochas and other co-travellers and sponsors have all become angels by virtue of their sponsorship of a political party. If sponsorship of a political party legalizes illegal money and ‘uncorrupts’ corruption, then go ahead and win.

If contesting for the 4th time means a convinction that washes away previously documented despotism, go ahead and win.

if not meeting the minimum requirement of a job you seek (which I am made to understand is the new high now)makes you more acceptable to the electorate,go ahead and win.

If avoiding all opportunities (Oputa panel, Presidential debate) to lay known and perceived issues to rest in the most arrogant manner is endearing to the electorate, go ahead and win.

If lies and propaganda makes the best president, go ahead and win.

If further stirring the already murky emotions of the people you seek their votes makes the best president, go ahead and win.

But the young Nigerians have been


told about their history. They know it. They’ve heard about it. They’ve been told about it and now you all perform a daily replay for them. APC will be met at the polls all around Nigeria. They shall be reminded of history on that day.



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