…and I will start with an apology. I apologize for taking us back to this issue. This is occasioned by my sabbatical. 

You see, I don’t think it will ever be too late to discuss this GMB’s certificate issue. It is going to live with us all for the rest of our time. Thus we might as well keep talking about it. The truth is that it is going to turn into a national past time. The type that clichés are made of. Skaggs and clichés are going to be made out of this disgrace. The more the shame as a nation though. We will here things like “Abegi!! Show me your documents joor. Abi you be Buhari?” And others that will be coined. Those who has taken it as their duty to be pained whenever this certificate is mentioned had better gear up because we abeg re not about letting it go soon. The reasons you will find out as the days go by.

This issue is another sad commentary on us a  nation. This issue explains and exposes the fraud of the project Nigeria more than it disqualifies or brings to the floor the argument of the ‘integrity’ label of the man GMB.
It shows the double standards perpetrated by the founding fathers of this nation. The reason I have said that I prefer the old national anthem for the singular reason that I still find no ‘heroes past’ as I write.
Who are the heroes past? The ones that will get a young man who has not finished his school into the nation’s army with a phone call and a letter of recommendation? Undermining the minimum requirement for said job willfully? The ones who will insist I score a minimum of 360 in my JAMB to study medicine but watches and abets his niece gain admission with a 160 score? And we are all Drs today. She is probably my head in our place of work.

I digress. That’s hardly the objective of this.

So I have been told (by my friends on the other side of the fence. Yes! The ones that report me to uncle Zucks) to head to court if I feel so aggrieved. Now I can give them an answer. I won’t! !!!

What other justice is worse or better (as the case may be) than what GMB has now. Don’t get it twisted here. I have said repeatedly that I have a huge amount of respect for GMB. His life and amount.  Especially his sense of insistence. But I just can’t find myself giving him a nod on being our RULER (once again?). If my opinion counted and I was asked, he will lead nothing but his household and his 150000 celibate cows. (I think I got a bit hash here. Ok. Strike that!).

What other justice than the glaring fact that he (against El Rufai,Gummi and SLS advice) has brought an arguably stellar service to father land to a scandalous and rather ignoble end.
No I won’t go to court. He has been judged by the court of public opinion and found guilty. That’s enough. Let him go ahead to the polls and get ahead not her judgement. That should rest it ahead not all. And to those who really live him (I’m not talking about those who support him rabidly), I guess it’s time to see Tinubu and his cohorts like we have seen them before now. Grandpa shouldn’t have been made to go through this. He really shouldn’t have.

A certificate that was not submitted for sighting thrice in the past? What was that even? How can anyone be cool with that? And then it becomes a point of twisted argument. That it was not necessary in the past, why now? Like seriously?
A certificate that almost had an affidavit as a replacement and an an equivalent? While all the while all it took was a call to the principal?

A certificate that came up with a different name than the one he uses now? We sure can do better. Do we now ask for a proof of change of name and begin the cycle again? Nah! That ain’t necessary. We understand.  We are sport like that.

A certificate that came up with a different exam number than the one GMB gave out of his superlative memory in his press conference? Kai! To prove that he doesn’t forget his phone number?

A certificate with the picture of of a 73 yr old man? C’mmon! We suppose don pass this level na. I now have lost respect for that US PR firm.

A certificate that had WAEC as the title of the exam? In 1961? Ok na! skelewu mode is fully on How did we get here people?
It would have been nice to touch that certificate and feel the texture. I’m sure it will be so fresh and crisp (well…it was a reprint I guess).

So you see why I won’t head to the courts? It will further drag #MyCountry ‘ s name in the mud. And I will ask anyone who has that thought to even kill it. It’s no longer necessary. My and our questions have been answered in this whole shameful shenanigan. INEC can go ahead and clear the certificate.
The intimidation of violence has started like I thought it would. Any surprises? It is now going cross Atlantic and cross sahel.  My people! This took shall come took pass! The nation will out live all of us her sons and daughters. It has always done that.
So those who get a high on violence or its sale should get a grip on their perverted selves. There are over 200 million of us, you can’t kill all of us just for an election. We sure will be there after you are through. #DealWithIt



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