” my people die of lack of knowledge”.

When IBB proscribed ASU in his time, not many saw the danger it translated to then. Now we all spew our rant on the fallen standard of education. How our graduates can’t make good sentences.

Our Textile industry and Manufacturing sector suffered same. Now we all pontificate from behind our keypads.

The sack of Resident Drs and the suspension of residency training (whatever is left of it) means there will be a gap in the availability of Specialists for some years (and there might be a stampede in trying to cover up by producing half trained specialists in the future). It can only be in Nigeria.
As fallen as the health sector is (all of us erroneously ascribe that to infrastructures), now we are going to add personnel to the list).

Our heads not our hearts is what is needed here. The hatred of Drs is irrelevant here. Their demands (irrespective of the nature) is also at this point irrelevant. Govts reaction is the issue here. THE PROBLEM OF THE HEALTH SECTOR IS THAT OF POLICIES. And that comes from the Govt of the day. The strike emanated from faulty policy direction in the first place.

Most of us may still fall within the bracket economically, of those who will seek help from these lambasted Drs. That is not important. What is important is that the people who make the policies that tear each of our sectors down can afford alternatives. That is where we should direct our energies towards. Are these decisions altruistic? Or we support it because we hate. Has the Govt done the best to its citizens (of which the Drs are a good part) in this and other instances? How would this decision (and all other series of clueless decisions) impact on the people? By the people I mean the society and the Drs.
Hate doesn’t solve a thing peeps. But then we are where we are in every facet of our nation because we use emotions and sentiments to view everything. We fail to hold our leaders therefore accountable because we first go for each other”s throat before seeing the real enemy.

In other places, people will first see the denial of their access to health (as occasioned by any strike of any health worker, not necessarily the Dr) as a violation of their human right and their social contract with the Govt and take it up from there. Bearing down on the Govt of the day to bring to an end within the shortest period, the imbroglio.

By the time we are through trading blames and exhibiting our hate for some profession, 160000 people and their families would have lost their jobs. Throw in the effect of that on the economy and society; Govt would have succeeded in ‘suspending’ three acts in our law books illegally; health care would have nose dived some more. Then we would appear here again to ‘rub’ minds, castigate Govt, people and occasions while they ride on our collective inactions and inability to read discerned meaning to their actions. The story continues…

The last time this happened, there was a great brain drain. We suffered from lack of our best specialists for ages,while they go abroad to see those same specialists and get the best. I see that happening. What we should bear in mind when we hate is that the Dr’s certificate and his brain was not suspended nor sacked, and that many countries, from Benin Republic to T&T, through to S.A and Australia are all waiting with open arms to gain what stupidity made us lose.

Have yourselves a nice hate session.


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