Just give it up. No need struggling. No need denying. We all belong to this group in various stages of initiation.

“Everything you have or will acquire will be taken from you somehow, before long, either by the Government or the Capitalists…”- Luciano (Jamaican Reggae export).

It is documented that Africa started civilization in Egypt. That is the much they know I guess. They never knew of Timbukthu, Mali or. The Oyo Empire, Kanem Bornu, Benin etc. Or the First Bronze artists in the east or the first University in Mali. Now we go for Nobels, cap in hand.

Literature? They never had anything on us. They call ours oral and we believed. Now we run begging for Booker’s, Orange prizes.

The Geometry, calculus, mathematics and Astrology we started and they took it away. Now we learn from them.

They thought of beauty and had to come to Africa, now we look up to them to define beauty. Some even bleach. Jeez! Who remembers Nerfatiti, Cleopatra, Queen of Sheba, Queen Amina of Zazzau, Queen Idia of Benin, Ahebi Ugbabe?

Then slavery and mineral resources became important. The minerals we’ve been using for our arts and buildings. They took that away too and took the glory.

Then wars were inevitable. They fought against each other in World War One but used us as fodder. Yet we never learnt. Colonialism? Another day please. But put your finger on slavery while we ride tonight.

Now Military! All African states had to send their young and brightest men to their Military schools. I still don’t understand that. Well we still do. So how do you fight them?

OIL! The cursed black Gold that God denied them. All these without a single record of natural disaster like earth quakes etc? These black rubbles must be blessed by God. Well…Yes! But we keep throwing the blessings and the knowledge of it to their direction.


Modern, subtle warfare. Call it sublime domination. Silent but steady control. Sending all of our brightest to their schools where they are encouraged to do break away researches then relegated to the background while they perfect it.

The perpetual rebellion from the Arabs. That had to be directed towards Africa. Let them have a bit of distraction. In comes BOKO HARAM. Leave this for a while please. Another day sir!

Subtle observation of Africans can show even the dumbest how we value sex. How it is even celebrated in some of our culture, dances, songs. So in comes HIV, a laboratory mistake from day one. Since Anthrax was a bit slow and not like a ‘burning fire’. “We will give all the aides but send it to them”. “And oh! Don’t forget to blame them for it. Find anything. Monkeys, Chimpanzees, anything”.

Well…made millionaires out of young ones and Government officials (the worst species in Africa really).

Ebola! Ebola!….Ebola!…,

Oh! Oyinbo! Oyinbo!…wait until I see my GOD! My own God! Not the kind you propagate. Because you know the lie in your message, so you appear immuned.

My people! Take a time out and go listen to FELA and BOB MARLEY. Study them. Put their messages in your school curricular. Save the young Africans. Change this direction and thank me later.
They left all the messages that will last all of you a life time. And they were sent for a reason.

#EgberiFa o!

#StaySafe in #MyCountry
#StayWise in #MyCountry.


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