My restless mind is running riot on me again and I have little choice but to unburden it unto you guys. My advanced apologies.

Imagine watching a painter in action. A plain canvass, few brushes and a retinue of color pots.
He goes stoke…stroke…stroke, then changes brushes and colors. For what? You never can tell immediately.
Then three minutes and you have a picture that looks like where a kid that is very bad in mathematics, was trying to improve on his craft.

And he continues…stroke…stroke, changes brush, dips in another color pot. Boring to a novice like me. May be even monotonous.
But 15 minutes later, you have an expanse of vegetation with trees dotting the space. An hour later, there is a pretty damsel in a background of vegetation, green and serene with trees bearing fruits. The picture has come alive, from those boring strokes and monotonous hand movements.

You see, there is always a bigger picture. It is always in the making.

Who remembers few years ago when the USA wanted a military base in Nigeria? It was OBJ’s tenure. There was a lot of rancor, from the Executive and NASS, not to ignore the ‘shildren of anger’ like us. It was a total rejection and the idea was dropped.
Few years after, there was a ‘prophesy of doom’. We will all disintegrate by 2015. I own up. I took that very seriously. And I still do. What could have informed that prophesy? I asked myself. Haven’t we always been like this and more? Are these guys going to sponsor rancor amongst us and step aside and say “aha! Told you guys”?

Well, few years later, BH really started “kicking new flavor in the air”, then came pressures on our ‘amiable’ GEJ to ask for help. He did and we are here now. I will leave their success and achievement so far alone.

What is going to be of us here-from? Let every mind work on that. Would the subtle fingers of our helpers continue to goad, direct and ‘guide’ us from now? Remember SAP? Remember IMF?

There is no place where there is always a bigger picture, ‘story behind the story’ if you like, like in international politics. There is no place where interests lead to execution of extreme measures like in international politics. It will be naive for us to assume this is a brotherly or humanitarian assistance.
This #Chibok debacle should not elicit more milk of humanity than the Buni Yadi experience. Or the Suleja Christmas Day bombing or Nyanya 1 & 2 explosions. Or all the over 6000 souls killed so far in this madness.

I’m not a rabble rouser, I just happen to have a mind that I currently need to disown or better still have a mind transplant.

And oh! I know we failed. I also know we set the stage for this. I also know that GEJ is clueless. What else is new?

#StayTrue to #MyCountry


#EgberiFa o!


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