Just saw a post which alleged that a community in one of the terror flash zones is celebrating the killings of insurgents by the Military. One wouldn’t know the authenticity of that story, especially with the below par scores of our doyens of the fifth estate in recent times.
But it struck me that a people can actually celebrate the killing of others. The additional factor of the killings being in large numbers may not even matter.

It occurred to me that to insist that BH members, when caught, should be made to face justice through our legal systems (no matter how inadequate) will definitely sound insensitive in some quarters.

It confuses me though. Wouldn’t acting otherwise reduce us to the level of these same people we have called urchins and lower animals (deservedly so too)?

#DemocracyIsAnAss. It comes with its inconveniences. We can’t practice democracy and still tend towards a support for jungle justice. It negates one of the core values of this system, which is fair hearing. (At this point, it is safe to assume that a hail of stones would be tumbling in my direction).
But hurt us as it may, if we call a crime a crime, the only way for complete restitution is undisguised justice. The type that is plain and clear to both the accused and the state, that it has been carried within all possibilities of human capacity. Any other way is an antithesis to democracy.

Was it not Justice Chuckwdifo Oputa (JSC), as he then was, one of our finest jurists, now of blessed memory who said, to the effect that justice for murder is a three way lane. That the deceased’s blood cries for justice, the family of the deceased deserves justice and the society who bears the traumatizing brunt of the incidence deserves justice too. But the accused still deserve justice. Deserves to be heard in a fair environment.

Jungle justice, as our emotions may prod us to embark on, would net in not a few innocent citizens and hear me, Oh Nigeria, you have wasted enough innocent blood for one life time. This may be our litmus.

The world is watching. I am too. #IWatchTheNation.


#EgberiFa o!


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