“This could be the first trumpet; might as well be the last.
Many more will have to suffer; many more will have to die.
Don’t ask me why.
There’s a natural mystic flowing through the air. I don’t tell no lies. If you listen carefully now, you will hear…
Many more will have to face reality now…” – Robert Nester Marley.

“…there will be wars and rumors of war…” – Jesus Christ in The Bible.

“…politicians are hypocrites, they don’t care about you and me…” – Tupac Shakur.

“C’mmon let’s face it; ghetto education is basic. And the youths dem use gun replace it. And they don’t stand a chance at all.
Dem suit no fit me; to win election dem trick we. And we don’t stand a chance at all…” Damian Marley (Welcome to JamRock).

The above quotes may not relate to BOKO haram on a superficial or cursory assessment, until one applies the virtue of retro-analysis.
It may be easy for some amongst us to relate our present predicaments to end times, only that I hardly believe in end times. A journey through history will tell you for instance, that there have always been wars and its rumors. From medieval times till date, there have always been wars, fought on excuses of man. The naturalists would even argue that war is nature’s form of population control.

Excuses of wars have been so flimsy that, Alexandra waged some simply at the behest of Cleopatra. And a piece of land not worth the size of a duplex in our context can result in an all out war in Palestine. Hitler had his Ideology of the supremacy of his race, but a lot of those who died on his side may never have known why they fought or died. And the Jews are yet to understand that ideology.
That’s the lasting effect of wars.

Most young Nigerians still do not know why the Civil war was fought. And in the darkest recess of the minds of the principal actors of that war, they may not have understood why too. But they had to fight. And it was called patriotism. Wonder whence that patriotism is at this time.

There is a war going on in #MyCountry NOW. To deny it would be acting the Ostrich. How did we get here and how do we get out?
If we understand the basic thread that got us all here, we probably would see how we can get out. An oversimplification, but a simple reversal of our path may be all we need.

…and so we pick the knife that will cut through BH.
1. That would be a knife that would stand for justice and equity. One that would ask questions of the leaders of the North East on how they have spent their allocations since independence. That would ask how sponsoring cronies for Hajj translates to development. (This cuts across all the states).
2. A a knife that would cut through the mystery of Almajiri. That retrogressive enslavement that is being pushed on the pedestal of culture and religion. A knife that asks questions on how this culture of “rich and poor’ is being perpetuated despite all civilized arguments against it.
3. That knife must insist on why rich people don’t get to be victims of Sharia Laws but poor people. It must find out why giving arms to beggars would lead you to heaven but you abhor seeing your own become a beggar. As if you inherently don’t want others to go to heaven through a branch of yours.
4. That knife must ask why Yaradua saw it fit to give money to those who have attacked the state and train them in vocations, while the rest of us applauded. And why it seems odd now to give BOKO Haram money, when we had initiated it a long time ago.
5. The knife should find out why those regions are still educationally disadvantaged when they are supposed to be greater in number. And why Chibok had only one secondary school since independence with a population put at about 220,000. And while Senators and Rep members have been coming from there all these years.
6. This knife would find out why Sambisa forest, geographically classed under the Sahel, a sparsely forested area (which Govt after Govt have been spending our common wealth on, on account of deforestation) suddenly became impenetrable both by land and from air.
7. It will seek to know the guiding principle behind the proposition of “Federal Character”, “Educationally disadvantaged states” and “Quota system”. It will find out the disparity between population, number of LGs and Federal allocations.

Above all, that knife should be steadied on how to curtail further recruitment of ‘willing’ adherents of BH. Probably by reversing the above points. By Govt being true to those they govern. By being just and fair and eschewing impunity.

By going hard on the enemies of the state at this moment and those who are want to make inflammatory statements, no matter the divide or party allegiance.

Let’s not forget that the traumatic attenuation and internalization of these experiences breeds embedded hatred for certain sections of our society. This would be a vicious cycle-in-waiting.


#EgberiFa o

#StayTrue to #MyCountry
#StaySafe in #MyCountry



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