The ‘opposition’ has succeeded in setting up a stipple chase for GEJ. They have always set the agenda, while he and his media goons respond.

Over to #Chibok today.

If he has stayed this long, why visit now? It certainly won’t make him less insensitive. The damage is done already. And there is a list of such non-visits to afflicted zones and this is what has qualified him into the insensitive hall of infamy (in our assessment or rather in the opposition’s assessment).

Even if he believed the #Chibok debacle a hoax, couldn’t he have humoured ‘them’ and make an early visit? Why wait until there is an outcry by the opposition or our helpers?

I think his advisers are his real opposition. But someone just countered,asking “must you take all advice from your adviser?”
I don’t have a ready retort for her, so I swerved smoothly into the mute mode.

Then it follows that GEJ may be his own opposition after all.

I certainly wish my president good luck and patience!


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