I believe that life confronts us with several choices all the days of our lives.

I believe that the choices we make determines what we become thereafter.

I believe that for a choice to stand the test of time, it must be an ‘informed’ choice.

I believe that informed choices are choices that had gone through rigorous considerations, pros and cons considered, and a decision to bear the consequences of that decision made.

I believe that any ADULT who makes an informed decision should be accorded the respect to stand by his decision. And this also means he should be allowed (and made to) bear the consequences of the said decision.

I believe that he who chooses a road has inadvertently chosen the end of the road. And thus has no (moral) ground to complain, if the road leads to an unpalatable destination.

I believe that if one wears a shoe that pinches, he will know not to give his neighbor the same shoe.

(This has been my personal mantra for a long while)

But I affirm that while we have made a lot of decisions and choices in our national life, they have all not been informed.

And that these non-informed choices were a product of dominant primordial and/or acquired sentiments.

And that we are currently making some at this moment, while at the same time gearing up to make some more in 2015.

I also affirm that we have borne the brunt of these non-informed decisions (not astutely though). And that we have come to a breaking point (if you have not noticed).

So I ask “if the old woman falls down thrice at the same spot, scattering and ruining her wares, what shall it be attributed to?”

#EgberiFa o!




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