I once had a neighbor who always screams “snakes o” precisely at 11pm once a week.

I will spare you the other details like, was she mentally stable? Was she trying to get my immoral attention by that unholy hour? Are you sure she is not a witch, snake girl etc? (I know my people. These will most def go through your perv minds. Lol.)

But I noticed something a bit unusual in her antics. On questioning, she will always say she saw the snake like 10 Minutes before she raised the alarm. And I would patiently explain that waiting that long means she never intended for me to kill the offending snake (Spider man in me. Lol).

Since the #NyanyaBlast, two days now precisely, the military has made life difficult for those living in that axis. The traffic there na 3rd World Cup.
Every car is searched thoroughly. You think this is cool ehn? Then revert to my former neighbor’s story.

You see, even my kids know that the ‘bombers’ have left Nyanya. And it is common sense they won’t come through that route for a while.

And where were they before the blast? Wasn’t this necessary before the blast. Is security consciousness suddenly a new concept with security agencies? What, I pray thee, was their primary job description a priori?

And if this will continue, for how long are the other innocent citizens to pay for the sins of these other of our ‘siblings’ (apologies GEJ).

Let’s learn to scream ‘snake o’ when we see it or better still when we smell it. That way it will not always elude us.

#EgberiFa o!


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