Who knows ‘Lie’baran Maku? The minister for information .

Those who know him should hurry to his side before it becomes too late. Hurry to his side and tell him that besides the fact that he was a student unionist in the past, we know nothing of credible importance of him. And that we have had other information ministers before him that comparison won’t be too difficult a task for us.

His recent justification of GEJ’s visit to Kano in the midst of a horrible incidence was like pouring expired iodine on an injury, even though one wouldn’t expect more from him, judging from his antecedence.

But I’m more concerned about his comments about the way the news of the #NyanyaBlast was broken to the public, especially the pictures. He was peeved that the media houses did not cover up the extent of damage and showed gory pictures to people ( and I’m sure he is more worried about the international community).
This from a man whose job it was to disseminate same information and timely too. So he would that Nigerians were in the dark about what happened? No wonder then the casualty figure was put at a paltry 71 officially.

Mr ‘Lie’baran has been on the Defence and cover up mode since his appointment but one expects that even if you have a tough job selling a principal, it should not jaundice your view about the public whom you were recently a number thereof.

From whence did he get the idea that we are all dumb and gullible like the party members that surround him?

We have the innate capacity to bear and absorb almost anything but some insults are not in the list. It will do him good to think of his possible audience before spewing his usual.




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