(Originally published on March 15th elsewhere).

For those who ask me various questions in my inbox. I am hoping this comes across as an answer. And to others intending to ask, here it is.

I have declared my unflinching love for my #Lover #MyCountry #Nigeria.

It has nothing to do with how she treats me. Whether she treats me right or not as her professed lover. It is just me and the way I love.

So when I criticise her and her current retinue of lovers and rapists, it is not borne out of hatred. It is just about an angry lover talking to another.

I try not to be biased ( but I’m human). I try not to be tribalistic ( if I am, it is just me being human). But far be it from me to introduce any tinge of bias to my comments or my opinions wilfully.

I love her and will never leave her to these Buccaneers. I will keep shouting at her and sending curses to her rapists until one of them changes.



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