(Earlier published 12/3/14).

It was year 2000.

I decided I’ve had enough of #MyCountry. Too much job hunting for a so called professional.

Where do I migrate to? Hmmm… path of easy resistance as usual. USA, CANADA were stringent with their requirements and I wasn’t about to write further exams, thus I went for Trinidad & Tobego. For those who don’t know, the Caribbean countries have served as ready sumps for our medics for a whole life time now. The idea being to get as close to the USA as possible, then take a shot. So many got trapped there. Not that they regret. No! They often times fare better than the rest of us who stayed back.

Back to the story. So I took a leisurely drive to the embassy of the T & T.
Back then ( I don’t know what obtains now), little security and red-Tapism. I explained my mission and a cute black sister suggested I see the ambassador ( ehn? My Naija mind went on over drive. The ambassador? Who am I?).
She went ahead to call her and she indicated I should come upstairs ( gha ghan!).
Yours sincerely went upstairs. Trust the confido of a Naija man anytime.

A lot got said but instructive were the words she said ( yes. A woman. Beautifully dark in complexion and around her mid fifties. Her name fails me to remember now).

She said ” come to my country and we will give you status. That is one thing your country has refused to give you. We may not give you all the money on earth but we sure will give you status”.

Over the years, as I refused to “port” for my own patriotic reasons, I have come to realize she was right about her promise. My colleagues having confirmed that.

So I ask, can a country really think of her citizens and work hard to make them the envy of other nations? What is that gene in us that makes this impossible with all the resources we have and continue to be blessed with daily?

Will we ever feel the reward of our patriotism? Are we wasting our emotions in this struggle to get #MyCountry out of this cul-de-sac?
Should we all just go on as if we don’t care and watch where this ship will berth?

You see, no one has the monopoly to carelessness and irresponsibilities. If our leaders think they are the only ones “blessed” with this attitude they will be wrong. When we all get to the precipice of “I don’t care”, even the oil money they so depend on won’t be coming up.

And that will be the real goodnight to beloved #MyCountry.



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