I like that Facebook status. It aptly describes how I feel right now.

I am in a complicated relationship. As a matter of fact, I have been in this relationship for as long as I can remember.

A situation where you are helplessly in love even as you are aware of your partner’s unfaithfulness and misfortunes.

I am burdened with the misfortune of watching her being raped almost on a daily basis. But she explains it away with a reassuring smile every time. Telling me I’m her first love. And the ladies say they never forget their first love. So I act reassured and life goes on.

You wake up to the news that she has been raped yet again. You hurry to newspapers, social media hoping to glean any item that can clarify issues for you. You hurry over to your lover just to meet her skilling at you. A smile you never see elsewhere. “Honey calm down”. She says. Your heart melts again.
The jealous lover in you rears up his head, seeking revenge. Any form of self help. Legal or otherwise. But you know better. So you cuddle your lover. She is crying. You are crying. Both of you console each other.

You know it when your friends laugh at your foolishness. Waiting to have their turn because they know she is DONATUS.

You are there when she flirts with those you know to be serial rapists. You draw her attention to the danger ahead and she says “honey you are just jealous”. “Trust me. I know what I’m doing”. You shrug helplessly. Then in the end she gets raped by same people.

That describes my relationship with #NIGERIA.

Helpless as I seem to be, I still want her to know I still love her and I’m going nowhere.
I won’t turn my back just because past lovers did.
Let her know I will try my best to heal her. To make her whole again. To cure her nymphomania.
That I will not abandon her just for her atrocious life. That it will take more than that.


#StayTrue to #MyCountry.


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