(Written 12/02/14).

I’m sure you would be wondering who will be doing a post MORTEM on an issue that is still raging. It is still yours sincerely. But I had cause to do this.

There are two other national experiences we have had that can be compared to this wart of an issue called BOKO haram. Even though the magnitude of their causes and effects may not be entirely comparable.

  1. The immediate post Civil war saw the unusual and aberrant use of the fire arms that were not mopped up from the soldiers,on the citizenry.
    Thus ‘armed robbery’ was birthed in Nigeria. The FGN, then led by the current national prayer warrior, Gen. Jack Yakubu Gowon could not offer any radical solution. Some felt (like most of us do now) that it was far in the eastern enclave and had nothing to do with the rest of the nation. ‘Let them kill off each other’ they said. ‘They have caused the nation enough trouble’. We are witnesses to the spread and reach of that scourge today. The economic strangulation of the citizens didn’t help matters too.

  2. A few years ago ‘kidnapping’ started in the creeks of the Niger Delta. Again the supervising FGN couldn’t come up with a sure elixir. We felt it had nothing to do with us. After all they kidnap only expatriates and the expatriates actually short change us too. “Good for them” we all said. Then there was expatriates shortage and the boys went for traditional rulers. Again we watched. Then they went for any rich man.
    We are all witnesses to the spread of these scums of Mother Earth and their trade. We now get kidnapped for recharge cards. Even the cousin of the C-in-C is not immuned.

  3. BOKO haram! As we have found no solution yet to this cancer,may we not be witnesses to its spread like the other tumours enumerated above.

Even if we find the cure today, we must reap the post effect because we had left it for too long. It has transmutated and metastasized.

If and when we do stop it,will we get everybody that has ever been involved? Those who have learnt to manufacture IED and use guns at will. Those that are drug addicts will blend into the society . Some will join the armed forces or police as citizens,some will be councillors and House representatives. Will we rehabilitate those we are able to get to?

I fear for the day ‘car bombs’ will be used to settle grievances. Grievances as mundane as two people trying to woo a girl.

Imagine an ex terrorist being your driver. And those who are quick to maltreat there domestic staff,you slap your driver and you are on your way to Yobe from Abuja, in the deepest of forests. I will leave your imagination to conclude this part.

Nigeria! We have murdered sleep and we should not look for tranquilizers. It won’t help.

Nigeria! We have left a benign pimple to grow into a dangerous tumour as a consequence of our unusual sentiments. Let’s not feign ignorance of what our weight loss is from.



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