“Who are you doing all these for? God?
That instructs you to look but don’t touch; touch but don’t taste; taste but don’t swallow.
And while you are busy jumping from one foot to the other, he is busy laughing his sick ass off”. -Al Pacino. In “The Devil’s Advocate”.

Apologies to the religious who might find the above blasphemous, but I couldn’t find anything that best describes the position of the President of Nigeria.

You see I have never envied any president of this country. Reason is that to preside over such an enormously diverse country like ours must be like walking on eggs. There is no time caution is needed like in that scenario.
You can be firm and iron-handed but be sure to draw the ire of a lot of true activists and born-again activists. Or you can choose to be gentle and humane, only to ruffle the feathers of the pragmatic.

Today marked another gory dateline on our calendar with the malignant lesion called BOKO HARAM.

You would recall that recently in Abuja, there was what was termed an attempted jail break of the members of this group, that led to the death of 21 of them. And following in the heels of that incidence came today’s #NyanyaBlast.
As I write,there are unconfirmed reports that the PDP national headquarters is in flames, in the same city of Abuja. This after the PDP allegedly dropped the blame of today’s blast at the door steps of APC.

Honestly, the responsibility of leading this country must be a tough one. We witnessed how GEJ has gone all gray in the head ( like his US counterpart in a matter of months).

Can he truly instruct that all connected with BOKO Haram be killed anywhere they are found? And expect applause? Or continue to treat them with kid’s gloves and expect applause?

However our reactions are going to turn out, we have not only mandated him, but empowered him to guard and protect our lives and properties. We gave him not only our security agents and military, we gave him our money. We have not only elected to support his decisions and approach, we gave him the power to seek help if need be or to employ resourceful,capable and qualified individuals or institutions.

If he fails in any of the above, from either his inability or unwillingness to use any of the above resources we made available to him, in solving ANY of our problems, he and his supporters (read ‘brothers’) should at least give us the opportunity and right to air our displeasure. That is not asking too much in my humble opinion.

Some have said that we are adept at blame-shifting. I say: blame; we must! The buck must have to stop on someone’s table. And the most appropriate is the C-in-C who has all the above resources available to him more than any other Nigerian currently alive. He, whose job it is to ensure peace (through any means deemed fit). And he, who has sworn on oath to make that possible.

The siege by the heartless sect is now real. We don’t need to continue in denial. We must all fashion out a matching plan to stop them with all force, if necessary. We should all agree that this has gone beyond our usual fault lines. And that we are all at risk of going extinct in the hands of these deranged and drug-infested urchins. And the time to use our hammer is NOW. My Jamaican brothers would say “play time done!”.

Anymore life lost to this sect amounts to negligence of the highest order. No semi-organized group can be more efficient and more powerful than an organized nation.

May the souls of the departed find rest! May we mourn no more on account of political or religious difference. Concepts that are all foreign to the African.

#StayTrue to #MyCountry. #StaySafe in #MyCountry.


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