#AbujaBlast UPDATES.

Four successive explosions this morning at the same spot, Nyanya Urban Mass Bus terminal.

Casualty figure not known for a certainty. We may never know the actual figure but numbers are being bandied about. Seventy one has been conservatively quoted by officials. The injured will add to that number in the coming hours.

Most hospitals in the city are flooded by the injured. Their capacities being pushed to the seams. Brings our health care system and management to yet another inglorious exposure.

Mr Frank Mbah, the force spokes man, shamefully is taking a center stage, urging us to be calm and to stay security conscious. Makes me wonder what their job is really, if the citizen should be urged to do their job.

Noteworthy is the fact that Nyanya is an exit point from the city. That should make its policing easy. But nah, they would rather stop over-loaded vehicles and Keke NAPEPs for their paltry egunje.

Swift reaction from GEJ for the 1st time. Visiting the site. But I noticed he had to do that with so many persons including the CDS and Senate president. #Kudos?

Are we still in doubt that the nation is under siege?

Are we still in doubt that none is safe? Christian and Moslem, North,South,East or West?

Are we still in doubt about the capacity of our NPF?

Are we satisfied with the professional mourners status we have become?

Do we still see politics in the going ons?

Do we see why there shouldn’t have been “no-go-areas” in the national conference?

#StayTrue to #MyCountry as we mourn yet again.

#GoodNight folks!


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