The roll call of guests at GEJ’s daughter’s wedding is worth scrutinizing.

Besides the shameless hustling to get the notice of a man they have individually and collectively called ‘clueless’ e.t.c; there was a pot pori of those who have publicly declared themselves ‘enemies’ both in print and electronic media, all shaking hands and sharing hugs and back slaps.

Recall also that few days before the Centenary celebrations, a few of our leaders were in a war of words, but aggregated the next day. Some to receive awards, others to improve on and oil their networks.

You are seriously an enlightened, endangered and disoriented fool, if from today hence, you still bear ethnic and religious grudges for another ordinary Nigerian.

And a worse specie, if you will hurl insults or physical violence on another for Party reasons.


#StayTrue to #MyCountry.


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