It was George Orwell (1903 – 1950) who in 1945 penned down that unputdownable novella ‘ The Animal Farm’ and made the cliche “all animals are equal but some are more equal than the other” famous.
Since I read that novella junky years ago and subsequent to my becoming aware of the internal workings of #MyCountry, I have always felt that Orwell was either a ‘bleached’ Nigerian (who is in denial of his citizenship) or he was in Nigeria with Lugard or Shaw during their sojourn in these shores.

George Orwell so aptly described Nigeria in his Animal Farm that no visitor needs a psychological guide in Nigeria, having read his book.

The recent announcement coming from the FGN states that a few Nigerians are in danger of being assassinated by the dreaded BOKO Haram and thus they are extended extra security. Mentioned in this category are former heads of states, ex- and serving Govs of the North East region and some other ‘notable’ Nigerians.

Apparently, the over 4000 individuals lost to the dreaded sect ( and possibly more to be lost) are ‘lesser’ Nigerians. And this may explain why they are usually lumped into one very ubiquitous group called the ‘masses’.

I have no grudge for anybody who the FGN decides to protect. But I have a grudge when it is done with insensitivity and when it amounts to a collective insult on the sensibilities of those of us who feel led.

What would I tell the parents of the 43 children killed in their dormitory? That the FGN, whose primary function is to secure life and property thinks their children’s lives were not worth much security, but these already secured Nigerians mentioned above (already secured both physical and financially at our expense) are deemed fit for extra security.
Does this amount to our securing our national identity or our national heritage?
Some of us are allowed to die while we cannot afford to see others die?
‘Others’ who may have contributed to the rot which this insurgency can be directly or indirectly traced to.

We are told life is not secured by man but by the Most High. It is left to be seen if this is true too, since Orwell’s cliche has come true for us.

We have an ORWELLIAN FGN folks.
#StayTrue to #MyCountry.>


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