I have never been given to cynicism but I now find myself in its alley.

On the same day of the year of our Lord two different foreign reports ran counter cross to themselves about #MyCountry.

One said #MyCountry has the greatest number of unhappy youths while the other said #MyCountry’s economy has so improved that South Africa is ashamed of herself. The later report went on to spew some economic jargons about ‘debasing’ to the effect that this latest ranking happened because music online sales, telecom whatever were added to the equation and how this does not translate to quality of life for citizens ( as if we needed reminding).

This happened while some house that is ‘white’ in USA declared our brand of corruption the ‘Learner’s ground’ I.e the place for post graduate studies on corruption ( another needless reminding).

#MyPosition: we the citizens of #MyCountry have never bothered to listen to your research fellows to appreciate when our economy improves or not. We just know how to decide good times. We have our native barometers. #StreetWiseness.
We don’t even believe it when our Govt tell us because we know better-ask Doc Ngozi Okonjo-Iwuala.

It would also be nice to be enlightened on the reason for the conflicting reports, as we have over 70% of our population in the ‘youths’ bracket and if they are the least happy in the world (I.e 70% of 170 million of us are unhappy) then it should be mathematically fair to say we are all not happy. And then what in God’s earth would make a large chunk of a the population so unhappy in the midst of a ‘ booming’ ‘debased’ economy?

Some years ago we were the happiest – for all the reasons in the world, I wondered why. And I also wonder why that would be anyone’s research topic.

Well… Good night folks! The ‘prophets’ have spoken.


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