It is almost the end of another day in #MyCountry. Permit me to bother you one last time today with my final report of the day.

There was pandemonium at the DSS HQ today. This was made worse by the proximity of the Presidential villa. Thus some gory speculations of a coup was in the air. Far-fetched theory that should never be paid attention.

But that doesn’t make it any less of a serious occurrence. This is because it happened at the headquarters of the nations Secret service. This service is like second to the army of any nation and thus some may begin to view this incidence with the seriousness it deserves.

The inability of any particular source to give a true situation report makes it more frustrating. This in the heels of the FOI act and in midst of a confused but worried citizenry. I have been educated by one of my peer that it was for security reasons that the initial (and up until now) official information was sketchy, but was it deliberately misleading for the same reason?

So from anecdotes, phone calls and on line media it came to pass that a certain operative of the service went to feed a BH suspect in his cell. Here it is noted that the operative made two mistakes. He went into the cell and not only that, he went in with his service pistol.

The operative was said to have been disarmed by the ( cuffed) suspect(s) and his pistol used for most of the shootings. Here it should be noted that there was reported long hours of shootings which would have been impossible for just one pistol. The other likely thing would be that he freed other inmates, disarmed more operatives and formed a rag tag team of armed suspects within the yellow building.

The Army was called upon (or responded on their own) to help maintain peace and order near Mr President’s quarters. They also responded with their might- APCs, RPGs and Chopper gunships. Note here that this couldn’t have been for just a suspect who disarmed an operative.

The death toll has been put at various ranges. Eighteen and twenty two have been quoted. This from what has been played down as minor and almost expected hazards of keeping unruly suspects.

The official report is filled with snippets that do not add up,but then again this is Nigeria where government agencies are not expected to tell the truth or do not owe the citizens the truth. 

So we go to bed not knowing the nature and extent of the threat our nation faced today. Not knowing if adjustments must be made about our way of lives from tomorrow. But still confident that we are on a right course.

God save #MyCountry. Viva #NewNigeria.




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