In a reflex knee-jerk reaction to the unfortunate incidence that happened a few days ago, that culminated in the death of a good number of the youths of this country looking to be employed, the presidency has reversed the recruitment excercise, promised automatic employment for the families of the dead and the injured.

As usual this has been greeted with fan fare nonetheless in the youths circle.

One will note that this is the typical Nigerian Government’s reactions to tragedies like this. We may not go ahead to name them as the list is inexhaustible, from flood victims to BOKO Haram victims, to Fulani herdsmen victims, to building collapse victims. And the list goes on.

One would have expected a contrite Abba Umoro and Mr Farradang to honourably resign their individual appointments, the Drexel Nig Ltd, the consulting firm that arranged such a willful act investigated, including the directors of the company and their part in the extortion of unemployed youths of this country.

One would have expected an active investigation of the incidence by security agents and those found wanting, those who refused or neglected to do their jobs, made to face relevant laws.

It should not end with this employment offer, a palliative that these kids and their family have as a right, the provision of employment by their Government. This is hoodwinking at its best, if you ask me.

The families who lost their dear ones cannot replace that grief with the offer of jobs that the take home is even a joke in the first place. The injured and probably disfigured can’t regain their function and cure their psychological and physical trauma by this palliative offer.
The rest of us that make up the society will not get over the trauma just by this announcement.

The Presidency and the NASS will do well by making sure there are laws that deal with the outcome of such disasters in the future. There should be a system of laws and processes that we should pass such situations through in the future,to ensure culprits of willful negligence are not let loose on the society. We are no more the dumb ‘masses’ with Class Amnesia as they think.

Today births a new Nigeria and we are on a path of change. We will leave behind those who think it is still business as usual.


2 thoughts on “THIS! AND THEN WHAT?”

  1. The decision to employ some relatives of those that died in the stampede sounds a little bit consolatory but we know that at the end of the day,the compensation will go to the wrong people.Another angle I find confusing is the decision to employ three people in place of one!To me it shows they have enough vacancies to employ people but they are hoarding them for their ilks & in situations like this.


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