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#SilentCrossFire: part 2.
Every Govt of every country have policy statements. This clearly enunciates in clear and unambiguous terms the main thrust of the Govt for the duration of their tenure. It includes the economic, foreign relation, infrastructural developmental, agricultural, human developmental policies and more. The more detailed the better.
Often times this is guided by the parent party’s manifesto. And this becomes the expectations of both the citizens and foreign investors. This is why there are usually a flurry of activities in terms alignments and realignments immediately a new govt is instituted in a country.
This statement is better made soon after the inauguration of the said Govt.
Another very important aspect of these policy statements is not only in the actualization and the attempts at the actualization of items in the policies but CONSISTENCY. Consistency means that it is a very highly CONSIDERED document and the govt do not intend to change or make amendments to those items until their tenure expires.
Just like businesses, Govts depend, work and survive on projections. And I am talking about long term projections. And the foreign investors watch out for this CONSISTENCE. The reason it was difficult for us to attract much investors during our military days. For everybody knows that policies can change by a decree. A decree that can come up in the morning the day after you institute your plans or make your investment.
Policy documents take into cognizance risks. Risks for the Govt and for the citizens. And Govts try to shore up and mitigate these, all to the ultimate advantage of the citizens. Policy documents that create abundance of hardship and suffering to the people is not considered people oriented.
Details of these documents are usually sought after by foreign Govts and their investors as there are usually loopholes manipulable for the ultimate gain of their own citizens and business men. The reason a lot of details, considerations (short, medium and long term) go into the production of such documents.
Govts don’t run on knee jerks and the whims and caprices of a few officials nor an ultimate emperor, in order to forestall jaundiced views manifesting in governance.
1. The current Govt lacks any of these enumeration. There is no identifiable policy statement in any sector of our lives.
2. The few knee jerk attempts at policies have been largely inconsistent and appear not well thought out or at least ill thought out.

The CBN comes to mind readily here. 
“Do not deposit dollars nor withdraw it in or out of any account!” Then few months later…”you can now deposit but not withdraw!”
“We shall sell only $10000 to BDC!” Then few weeks later….”We shall henceforth not sell anything to them!”

  1. Too little too soon. The BDCs have come to be a major player in our forex market. Leaving them to sort themselves out will introduce a bullish effect in the markets and further strengthen their power in the parallel market. We have left them for too long unregulated just like the independent petroleum marketers. Now this is no way to mitigate their influence. Believe me!
  2. Poor signal to the foreign direct investors. What are they going to believe?

If our businesses survive without projections, we can’t expect theirs to tow same line. They are not like us. It scares them and push them to neighbouring countries where there are some sort of STABILITY in govt policies.
3. Further excrutiating effect on the citizens too. From so many divergent approaches I may have to go into in another missive.


Silent cross fire.

The conspiracy theorists are back to the streets. This time I joined them.
#1. Presidential media chat: GMB is not convinced on the merits of devaluing the Naira.
#2. Few days after the president of IMF Christine Largade develops the intention to visit Nigeria.
#3. Few hours after #2 #2016BudgetOfYs is withdrawn from NASS.
#4. Christine Largade arrives the next day.
I wish I can connect those lines with certainty just like the revered conspiracy theorists. But my crystal ball isn’t as sure as theirs. Ezemuo happens to still be on holidays.
Incidentally, this is the 3rd time the head of IMF is visiting Nigeria. Two of them to see the same man Mohammadu Buhari (GCON, AGDD). In 1983 and 2016.

  1. What is in it for us? GMB is on record to have dismissed the idea of devaluation. Will Largade still push for it? 

This is like standing between the ISIL and BH. If we devalue, we pay dearly for it as we are mainly an import nation and if we refuse, Largade goes back to tighten some conditions- borrowing terms etc.

We can’t have examples of China etc who devalued because those are mainly export nations. Devaluation will sink us. Simplicitas.
2. Will we survive this onslaught and the down turn of international economy? 
Yes! We can! We can if this Govt will start thinking and stop playing to the gallery.

a). Half to two third of the 923,768 square kilometers of our land mass are waste lands lying fallow. A good 10 year document on Agriculture policy will convert that amount of land to a haven of agricultural activities in a year. 

A policy document encouraging enterpreneurs to access soft loans with minimal conditions. Funds that can be accessed by signatures of traditional rulers and local Govt chairmen as guarantors.
A little tinkering with the land use law of OBJ may also be necessary.
Agric extension workers in the ministries and ADB field officers can serve as M & E (monitoring and evaluation) facilitators (let them earn their keep for once).
A little technology can go into the non arable lands- like extended irrigation formulae, fertilizers, mechanized machine renting. Those heavy loaders wasting away in some local Govts.
Orchards will spring up all over the land and Dangote and his likes won’t have any excuse not to have Juice production plants (and employment) in this land. That’s a route to increasing our export and forex.
b). All the Govt buildings and public buildings like the Aso villa, all state Govt houses, all ministries, all commissions, consulate offices. banks, Schools, hospitals can be mandated to use SOLAR PANELS for their roofings and the energy keyed into the national grid.
The empty sahel forests in the middle belts and the north can house a lot of wind mills. And the floors of this wind mill zones can also accommodate solar panels.
The sun shines for about 299 days of the 365 days of a year for at least 18 hours in Nigeria. How can all, that energy go wasting? If their is anything that needs to be subsidized in Nigeria it should be solar panels for individual homes and not PMS.
This requires an energy policy document made into law.
c). If those gas flaring can be harnessed we will supply the whole Africa domestic and industrial gas for years.

If we stop sponsoring citizens for pilgrimages we can use that fund to archive this.
d). If we revive Ajokuta Steels, we will take over the steel market in the whole Africa and beyond. Plus the foundry industry that will spring up taking further care of our unemployment deficit while earning forex for us.
e). If we tame our incessant urge to junket and dive into medical tourism, we can build 10 lanes trunk A roads in a grid form all over the country, turn the riverine Niger Delta into a Spain of some sort.
All these will need the Govt to think before actualizing them. That’s why I keep saying that fighting corruption alone is not what governance is all about. Recouping monies lost in corrupt practices will expose us to more corruption. And finally we won’t even know what it was used for. For ages now we have been recovering the Abacha loot. What can we say we have done with it? Thats not to say I am against fighting corruption. But if it takes all our time, it is detrimental to our health as a nation by virtue of its diversion value.
Again, when I say we need an economic policy or a ‘thrust document’, you will see why after reading through this.
Christine Largade has said that we do not need to borrow to shore up our budget deficit. What did she see that the Presidency have not seen? What did she see that we have been wailing about since and no one pays attention.
She still wants to talk with our budget gurus. To teach them or to mandate them? I will hate the later. Even though those who tinkered up this #2016Budget needs some smack in the head.
Alhaji Shehu Garba has said that some items and amounts in the budget are strange to GMB. What does that even mean?

Is he saying the NASS padded the budget further after GMB presented it to them? In which case SARAKI has some questions to answer and this had better not be swept under any carpet, rug or plastic.
Or is he saying Baba GMB (AGDD, GCON) did not completely read the budget he presented or did not completely comprehend what he read or amnesia has set in on our president’s mind that he forgets what he has read and presented to the NASS?
Whichever the case, the presidency owes the nation further clarification on this withdrawal of the budget if the garb of ‘born again Democrat’ is to be sustained.
There! I have spoken! Let no one accuse me of not supporting this Govt. I have given this proposal free of charge to GMB, APC and for the love of #myCountry.
Anybody interested in a full document espousing the ideas above in details can approach me inbox.
#EgberiFaaa o




I am here again. This time you won’t like me and I understand. You won’t like me because I am here to tell you the truth (as usual you may say).

You see, #MyCountry may never be fixed.
1. It will not be fixed because even when we decide to open our doors to mediocrity and talk about rotational presidency, we don’t mention in the rotation the Igede man, the Esan man, the Benin man, the Tiv man, the Jukun man, the Bassa man, the Nupe man and all those whom we have conveniently dubbed “the minority”.
2. It will not be fixed because Stella Oduah was condemned before we heard her side of the story and we called for her resignation. But the same people poured anointing oil on Amaechi’s head and asked that he be heard in a court first before we condemn him.
3. It will not be fixed because two different kids write the same exam and must score differently to progress in life. We have told them from that point that they are not equal in this equation. And kids learn fast.
4. It will not be fixed because we have different lenses to view same occurrence at different times. And we are cool with that.
5. It will not be fixed because we promote anger, hate and other negative emotions in our various man made groups and we don’t care about the outcome.
6. It will not be fixed because at the drop of any rough or rude coin we quickly realize how different we are from each other.
7. It will not be fixed because we have a fraudulent document as a constitution. A constitution that lies from its 1st sentence by saying ” We the people of Nigeria do give ourselves…” and we all know that we the people of Nigeria had nothing to do with that document. And we have had upto 8 assemblies plus a National Conference that has decided to leave that document all alone.
8. It will not be fixed because ‘Federal Character’ and ‘quota system’ is constitutional.
9. It will not be fixed because that same constitution can be breach without consequences.
10. It will not be fixed because we are who we are.



MAKING COMMON SENSE: the Ben Bruce way 1.e

So once upon a recent time, a senator of the Federal Republic representing Bayelsa East, Ben Bruce was ‘making common sense’.

But he has stopped. There is only two things i know that will motivate a man to that path: (a) true conviction and (b) playing to the gallery.

I am yet to decipher which is the case here. But he has stopped.

There is also two things i know that can make a man stop in his track when he is on an illuminious path: (a) he was playing to the gallery and (b) he got reached.

I am yet to decipher which is the case here too.

Ben Bruce eis a poster boy. Some would view him as a typical Ajebutter. Son of a UAC Boss. He went through all the elite pre-college schools and went to the USA for his first degree.

His greatest marks are hosting beauty pageants and franchising them. A lot of rumours followed this venture. Well of course it is expected. After all, we are talking about beauties here, some of them naive and desperate for trophies, money and fame. Like they say in our political parlance, they are all allegations. None was proved in a court.

He went on to establish three radio stations. One in Abuja, others in Lagos and PH. Great radio stations. He also have malls that roles as both entertainment centers and business malls called Silver bird centers- cinemas, radio, game centers and shops. Great business man i must say.

On this note of his mark in the entertainment industry he was made the DG NTA.

This is where the ‘nigerian factor’ strolled in. He left NTA like he met it if not worse. An agency reputed to have the largest reach in Africa. An already stablished platform. He couldnt bring his entrepreneurial sagacity to bear on the said agency. He also stopped here. He did.

On a nice day, his stint at NTA would be speaking against him when he started ‘making common sense’ but i am also aware that we are a people with a severe form of CLASS SOCIAL AMNESIA. So i was one of the first to get carried away. But he stopped.

Oh! …and he is 59 years just in the event that you are wondering.

Ben has contested for governorship and is now a senator. My guess is that he will still go for that governorship. But that is not even my business.

My business is that he suddenly stopped ‘making common sense’ and it is this same reason that i have elected to help him complete the journey. He truly have roused a lot of ‘common sense’ in the youths. 

So if you know him, tell him we have carried on his project. That he can now rest and enjoy the hallowed red chambers and all that will acrue. Tell him we knew. Tell him we are not disappointed. That we have seen his likes numerous times to be disappointed or not to recognize the game.

Remind him that i said he is a #FlashInaPanBoomboclaaat.

this is the background to the series. We will subsequently go into ‘making common sense’ properly


#Story #Story #Story (part 1).

#OnceUponATime. ….

There were two neighbors living near each other but separated by large streams, lakes, mountains and forests. They never knew of each other’s existence.

But one of them, Anyaukwu was very adventurous. He was what you may refer to as a vagabond. While the other, Ihemere was a quiet, contented and traditional man. He hunts around his house, makes a few kills, goes for fruits and vegetables and calls it a day.

So on this day, while roaming in his usual abandoned adventure, Anyaukwu spotted Ihemere’s vast and cultivated land mass. Saw his cash crops all full of fruits and the animals grazing. It was a beautiful sight. He never knew he could make his own land this beautiful or it escaped him. May be due to his adventurous nature.

He at first invaded Ihemere in commando style. Ihemere resisted for a long while but Anyaukwu kept at it for weeks, and Ihemere being a peaceful person decided to reach out and dialogue. So Anyaukwu became a friend. He brings shiny stones and pebbles he scavenges from the shores of the steams and give Ihemere in exchange for fruits and games. Ihemere never saw anything wrong in the lopsided transactions. He can’t eat it all, he thought.

After several months, Anyaukwu came with a snare he designed and tricked Ihemere into trying it out. And so Ihemere became his prisoner for a long time. He was feeding him from the offerings of his land. Using him for anything he thinks up- farming, sex etc.

But Ihemere got his freedom with his persuasive skills. And Anyaukwu agreed to go back to his land. They still exchanged visits and transactions but the lopsidedness was retained somehow by Anyaukwu. At first Ihemere didn’t mind but when he did mind, Anyaukwu enforced it and he gave up.

Junky  years later they got married and had descendants. Each told his descendants their version of their history and left instructions on how to keep their relationship going. Anyaukwu ensured his own descendants were always on top of any game involving both parties while Ihemere the conformist and peacemaker ensured his descendants maintained peace at all times.


(…a break in time and history. The happenings of this time was neither documented nor recalled by anybody living or dead).


At the point it dawned on the descendants of Ihemere that they were somewhat living a slave life, it was a bit late. Anyaukwu ‘ s kingdom had gone far in terms of military, economy, religion, education etc.

And somehow they are aware that the bedrock of the progress of Anyaukwu’s kingdom streamed from their land and sweat. They made that kingdom somehow and they are being told otherwise. So an undercurrent continued to brew.

These days Anyaukwu’s descendants would encourage Ihemere’s offsprings to steal from their lands and to hide the proceeds in their kingdom. Mostly they retain those proceeds, deny the existence of most or conveniently commandeer them when the stealing Ihemere dies.

What’s worse? They even go to the extent of coming to the Ihemere kingdom to arrest those they call “thieves” who steal from the Ihemeres, take them back home, prosecute them in their own courts and jail them, without mentioning those of them that aided the so called ‘thieves’ or those of them that helped the thief hide the proceeds in their kingdom. And as true sons of their fathers, who hacken to the words of their fathers, the Ihemeres join in the celebration of the prosecution of these brothers and sisters called ‘thieves’ by the Anyaukwus.

The events of the Anyaukwus and the Ihemeres are still developing.

Keep a date with this intended series.

PS: does this story look anything like your relationship with your colonial masters? lip sealed



Ive been meaning to trace this curve. 

Let me say upfront that even me do not have an idea what i am about to write or where it will lead me to. But i do wish to trace this curve and see where it would lead to.
i have noticed that every Govt we’ve had since independence has fought corruption. May be minus the Tafawa Balewa regime. Even the first coupe accused them of corruption and mentioned their intention to fight this menace.

So if we have fought corruption for 55 years expending energy and funds why are we still fighting it? This fight must be an epic battle and this menace a strong, unrelenting one.
I have also been made to understand that we have barely three legal tools to fight this menace : the penal code (?1952! I understand we inherited this one from the colonial masters and it has never been reviewed); the ICPC act of ?2000 and the EFCC act of ?2004. There must be some other less active laws in our books but i will leave that to legal minds. 

As my mind tells me, we cant make any meaningful head way fighting this corruption on the orders of men without good, active and may be punitive laws. So this is where we miss it from point go.
#CurveTracing: i will highlight the significant activities that signifies how much we have put into this battle (I will welcome corrections from history students). 
GMB tried to crate Umaru Dikko in ’84, good intentions but breaking all available human rights records of that time in the process. It ended with nought as its result.
A relative quiet until the 2nd coming of OBJ.

Both ICPC and EFCC became available. Some argued on the duplicity of both agencies. It turned out that they were right. As EFCC became the loved boy, got more funding and got to the intended people. 

It was like a shared duty. The ICPC went for the nondramatic streams while the EFFC went for the dramatic. Cecilia Ibru, Akingbola, Ibori were all hounded. It followed a pattern. Those who could see saw the pattern. A recipe for failure you might agree.

And failure it finally was. No convinctions. No definitive end to cases. ‘Plea bargain’ got introduced into our legal parlance. And the story still goes on.
Then voom! The UK Govt swoons in like an Eagle. Alams got arrested, he disguised, came back, got pardoned. Ibori got arrested. He is still in jail.
Another relative quiet.
Then GMB’s 2nd coming. Every nerve got charged. Let us get them all. I joined too. Every canine bayed their fangs. The smell of blood is the adrenaline. You cant miss it. Our expectations. He is just the man for this kind of job. Well…one will have to agree here while noting that we need other things happening too at the same time.
Then another voom! The UK Govt again. Deziani is the prey right now. She will go to court i assume. I cant predict what the outcome will be. The most is a conviction like that of Ibori. Great! Whoever has toyed with the future of my kids should go down for it.
The curve tracing ends.
I just discovered a pattern. We have not been able to convict anybody that matters, the real thieves, on charges of corruption since 55 years of our fighting corruption. Somehow, the real deal convictions has been by the UK Govt.
What does that say of us? Na so we go dey dey? Those people in whose galleries we play to will notice this pattern too i am sure. So what gives people?
Are we going to be sincere for once? Are we going to amend our laws and make new ones on this corruption thingie? Who will make them laws? The legislooters? Hehehehehe.

Who will interpret the laws when they are made? The same court that found Ibori not guilty? Who will prosecute? The same EFCC who will ignore their own act which is more strigent and arraign people via the penal code (which is like a slap on the hand)?

Who will execute the interpretations? The same executive who cant hide the fact of their practicing witch hunting from regime to regime?
You see? The curve is traced. Now, i am more confused than when I started but if it makes any sense to you, my job would have been done.

PS: admittedly GMB won’t be here forever. So who will continue the fight? Another period of relative quiet or he will fight it to finish this time?

PSS: As at the time of writing, i didn’t know that one of the persons mentioned here, DSP Alamiesiegha’s desth will be announced today. May he find rest.

This was what it was all about.

This was what the hullaballoo was about. This picture and this scenario.
Don’t be surprised if it all ends here.
But again, don’t be surprised if he loses the seat. It’s all a plan, a chess game. He should have known better.
Well…he fought his Dad to a stand still. Let’s see how much fight he has in him. 
As much as I see this as a disgrace, a denigration of that same seat. Just like I was crying about flinging mud towards the POFRON’s seat and how it won’t augur well with us. Now we battle with aggrieved peeps flinging mud towards same seat now occupied by a ‘much loved’ GMB and his supporters are asking for respect. #EquityIsAnArse and #JusticeIsBlind. It’s not about the person but the office.

If your mother goes to the market without her panties, you don’t go lifting her skirt for all to see just because you are angry. #LessonsLearnt I hope.
Now to the apparent implosion of APC. There is CAUSE and EFFECTS. Remember Newton’s 3rd law that I’ve always talked about? 
There must be consequences of this action. Call it ripple effects. The disgruntled, the annoyed, those who feel not carried along.
The drama is to get real as from tomorrow, but don’t shed any tears for Saraki. He doesn’t deserve it.


#RandomMusing. #ReverseSearchlight

.The inevitability of that dual happenstance of chaos and order.
Still searching for that unlikely order that is to be found in chaos and how it is to be harnessed.
This is to become necessary when those extant factors fail to suppress chaos. And order is nowhere to be found. And there is a consensus that life is to move on. And move on it must. And it is supposed to move on on a template of order.
The disruption of creation. The disruption of nature’s rhythm. The backlash of a subtly angered nature. Those rays we don’t see. Those we ascribe to unseen and unfelt creatures or forces. Those creatures we sometimes create. And make out malevolent. The villains of our imaginations. Those that are sure beams of projections of our fears and imaginations. Not knowing all along their sources.
The reining in of thoughts. Putting a hard finger on our bounding pulse. Willing stableness on it. All along missing the point of it all. Brings up the necessity of order in the end. Oh humans! Always ignorant. Blissfully ignorant. Celebrating this virtue still.
The middle path becomes the easiest. Always. Always that of least resistance. Mostly not from an active choice. Just like water finding its level. We live. Not out of active essence but of passive followership and subsistence. We the gullible. We just go on and live. Finding some pleasures and treasuresac thrown along the path for us. Like love. Prosperity. Power. Fame.

And make the recurrent mistake of assuming we found those out of our efforts. We the ignorant? No oooooo! Definitely not. Not for the ignorant like us. The outcome of a flip of the coin?
In the end, let’s find that gem. The root. That source. Let’s separate the layers when we do find it. Let’s stay humble too. Lest we give ourselves the undeserved glory. We are just humans. Mortals and ignorant. Temporary and ephemeral. We know nothing even as we go on and rationalize. Even as we go on the journey of self definition, self discovery. 
The pains and gains. It’s tough and rough from the outside of a kernel to the fruity nut. It is a deliberate engineering design.
I wish you guidance!!!
Dr. O. K. SAND (1115 AD)

The opinions the youths have as they observe the nation. The active #Watch of the nation as we go for the #NewNigeria.

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